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How it all began
Lexit Escape Room

Lexit Escape Room was born in 2017, as an educational experimentation aimed at exploiting the potential of the escape games in language teaching. Created as a cooperation project between three language teachers, designed and offered to international students and privates, Lexit escape room is now a wide-ranging project and collaborates with universities, companies, museums, cultural organizations and private clients, being able to develop any kind of content through games and active group engagement for special goals.

All the puzzles of our rooms are designed and personalized with great attention to details, depending on our clients’ needs. Educational activities, team building practices and any kind of collaboration turn out to be at the same time funny and useful, thanks to the balance between entertainment, education and goal achievement.

To design our rooms, we rely on playful language teaching, storytelling, applied linguistics and communicative teaching methods. Our references are authors such as A.Mollica, W.W.Cook, M.Danesi, T.Fullerton, S.Nicholson, M.Cziksentmihalyi, B.Brathwaite, I.Schreiber, R.Rouse.

Valeria Cattaneo
Game designer and developer, writer, language trainer, crazy gamer

I’m one of Lexit’s founders and I’m in charge of almost everything XD: I deal with game design and development, storytelling, game adaptation, general management and I’ll leave everything else to your imagination!
I am also a teacher of English and Italian to foreigners, mainly for companies, cooperatives, universities and cultural organisations, and I sometimes work also as a teacher trainer.
I am a little crazy and I’ve always hated rules and schedules, for this reason, even in language teaching, I love to try new learning activities and games.
I have a background in applied linguistics and medieval studies, but I have also “modern” interests XD: I believe this variety has led me to starting my activity in game design and development for specific purposes, what is called “serious gaming” – i.e. developing skills and learning contents through games.
I constantly attend training in language learning techniques and game development and, because I haven’t had enough, I’ve also decided to start a new degree in anthropology.
Well, let me welcome you in Lexit, my favourite playground!

Lexit Escape Games

Manuela Plassa Game designer, writer, game master

Manuela Plassa

Red-haired aspiring warlock, known for the attack to the Natural Owl Reserve in Arezzo, she kept talking about a certain letter from Hogwarts she didn’t receive.
Joking aside, here I am: I’m Manuela and, after getting my degree in Literature, my destiny led me to studying scriptwriting and becoming a game master in an escape room in Milan.
After some years, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Lexit and now I am in charge of game design, writing and content creation. And sometimes I still enjoy working as a game master.

Mirko Alfieri Automations and circuits

Mirko Alfieri

I work as a Maintenance Field Engineer in Leonardo. I gained experience of networking and server based applications analysis and troubleshooting.
In Lexit, I deal with developing, programming and realising systems based on Arduino controllers, as well as electronics.

Maneki Illustrations


Tatuatore - Illustratore - Imprenditore - Sommozzatore - Ristoratore - Ripetitore - Animatore - Amministratore - Coordinatore - Educatore - Pattinatore - Ascoltatore - Adulatore - Liberatore

@mcpr___ Illustrations


Mcpr is a quiet guy, but he likes escape rooms.

Federico La Torre Graphic, advertising and carpentry

Federico La Torre

I’ve been working in communication for several years and I love to apply my creativity to any context. I collaborate with Lexit for the realization of escape games, creating graphics, both digital and to be printed, as well as crafting small carpentry solutions.

Giuditta Grechi Co-founder

Giuditta Grechi

I’ve been teaching Italian to foreigners in a couple of schools in Milan. I got my degree in Humanities and Editorial Culture in Università Statale of Milan and, after working in cultural contexts, I decided to attend Promoitals master. I mainly teach to adults, employees and university students.

Valentina Guerini Rocco Co-founder

Valentina Guerini

After a master degree in Modern Literatures; I started teaching Italian to teenagers in a vocational training centre. Thanks to the Promoitals master, as well as the Ditals exam - I level - and CELI certification, I started working as a teacher of Italian to foreigners in secondary schools and at university.