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Cultural content

Cultural content

Lexit escape rooms are built in total respect of the contents, created on the basis of in-depth analysis of the historical, cultural and linguistic context in which they are set.

Fully mobile

Fully mobile, wherever you want

Lexit creates equipment to furnish any environment, respecting its nature and history. Our games can be mounted, removed or readapted to any place.


Customizable and adaptable

Lexit’s projects are tailored for our clients: the rooms can be created starting from a customer’s idea or adapted to new contents and environments.


escape games

Lexit escape games are full-fledged escape rooms, where the players have one hour time to find a way out of the room, solving puzzles to get the final key to escape. Lexit puts together these purely playful dynamics with contents and activities that will facilitate the learning of values and concepts previously agreed with our clients.

Our target

Anyone who wants to spend an hour in a funny and constructive way. Lexit escape games are designed to be experienced as a simple party game, as well as learning and training means. For this reason we collaborate with cultural organizations, companies and associations, and even with privates who want to create their own personalized escape room in active collaboration with Lexit.

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Lexit designs escape games for any goal, using games for cultural, educational and awareness-raising objectives, as well as focusing on mutual knowledge and understanding.